We provide 24/7 hours service for water damage, mold removal, water removal and we offer guaranteed, onsite service in 60 minutes or less.


We are prompt, professional and IICRC certified. Our service technician is licensed and insured professionals who are trained in the latest technology and equipment.

Certificate Number: IICRC 243891


Whether you have a flood or an unexpected leak, we fully understand the urgency of getting the water out as soon as possible. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency water damage response-because the sooner you get the water out, the less flood damage you likely incur. Experts say that the worst water damage occurs when water has been standing for more than 48 hours, which means timing is everything when a flood occurs.


When you need emergency water extraction, you can call 1-702-417-9301, to get a certified water damage technician to start the water damage extraction process right away. Our water extraction service is first rate. We only use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to get the water out-now. Serious water damage, such as with a flood, requires serious attention to ensure that not only is all of the water extracted, but also that all of wet areas are dried completely and treated quickly, the water damages to your property could become very severe.


We understand the need to keep your water damage restoration cost as low as possible. Therefore, we make sure the extraction of water is performed in a timely manner. This will greatly minimize your restorative coast and reduce your chances of developing a mold problem. It is imperative that furniture and carpet is treated right away to decrease the opportunity for microbial growth to occur. Personal property also has a greater chance of surviving the flood if is attended to right away. Most importantly, however, all electrical components that may have been soaked by water MUST be attended to right away to avoid the potential for dangerous electrical short circuits.


When you need flood water extraction done right and done now, there is only one number you need to call 1-702-417-9301. Our technician is ready to be at your door within an hour – give us a call today.

Our company is a full-service company, offering water restoration and flood water extraction in Las Vegas Area and all surrounding areas.


Our goal is to get the water out-and disinfect, sanitize and dehumidify your environment to ensure safety for you and your family.


We’ll work with you to help you file your flood and water damage claims and provided detailed information to your insurance company. We work with all insurance companies.


Water damage to your home is not something that any resident wants to deal with, but it is an unfortunate reality. It is imperative that you know what to do in this situation. The first step is to inspect your home and try to find out where the water originated. From there, you will want to try and stop the leak if you can. If you can’t just start by calling the professionals. We are the licensed professionals that can help you in your time of need. We have experience and the proper equipment and manpower to restore your property in no time!

We know that water damage can be unexpected-and that is why we aren’t. We are available for you 24 hours. Whether it is a holiday or weekend, you can call us at 1-702-417-9301.


The first think that we do when we arrive to your location is a full walkthrough and assessment of the damage. If there is still water leaking, we will fix that immediately, and then come up with a plan of action. Once we have walked through the plan with you have signed off, we will begin the extraction and drying process. It is extremely important that this be done by professionals, because if it isn’t, you run the risk of your property being exposed to more damage. If the water isn’t completely dried out, it can lead to structural damage of wooden beams and drywall, and can also create the perfect habitat for mold to grow and thrive. You can rest assured that when you call us that you are receiving the best possible service. Our technician is IICRC certified, meaning that they are up-to-date on the latest industry and safety standards. We also have an impressive innovative equipment including: hygrometers, moisture readers, inject dry systems, air movers, air scrubbers, industrial grade fans, and more. We want to provide you with the best service possible. That is why we will have a representative that is available for you at all times, and can answer any questions that may arise through this process. For us, the job is not finished until you are completely satisfied.